Deep-rooted relationships

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built over the years of entrepreneurial and corporate experiences. We are deep rooted in customer relationships across major distribution channels, as well as with top ingredient and food technology companies. We believe these relationships lay the groundwork for our nimble, fast to market approach.

Halen Brands has a competitive advantage:

Market trend insight and understanding

Over the years, our team has received new trend insights and concept ideas from a network of highly influential purchasing managers and distributors.  Unlike other companies that develop products first and then hope for support, we have a reputation of advanced buyer and product backing. We produce goods with customer orders in queue, provide R&D from leading suppliers, and assist in the pre-selling of products into their respective channels.


Strategic Point of Difference

We complement our relationships and data insights with a strategic sell in tactic. Our first in class sales organization is able to introduce primarily in the club channel, as well as mass market and grocery trades to ensure rapid awareness and distribution.